Saturday, March 9, 2013

Lake entrance,Victoria

                          This picturesque place called LAKE ENTRANCE was our destination last year, when my in-laws came to visit us. This is a bit far from the place we live so we desided to do a three night stay in there. We took our car, although there is a three and a half hour drive to there, it was very good. We took a owesome two bed room resort with kitchen near the beach and city centre. Kids and in-laws like it and we enjoyed a lot

                Lake entrance is mainly fishing and tourist destination. From the city centre itself we will be able to see all these different types of beautiful shipping boats ready for job. There are different fishing and cruising available if you have more time to spent there.

                      There is a strip of gippsland lake called cunninghame arm which seperates the city centre and the ninty mile beach which streaches a wast 90 miles of beach. The walk through the foot bridge that crosses the cunninghame arm is very famous .The foot bridge itself is 5 km long but even kids were not tried walking acroos it. We were only thinking about the beautiful beach that was waiting for us on the other side of the bridge.


In this picture you can see the foot bridge that crosses the strip of water. There is an icecream parlour this side we were actually going to buy icecreams for us after that long walk.

This beautiful hut is a look out for life guards on the beach.

How's that? Mum and kids!

                Kids collected lots of beautifulls shells and rocks all through the beach.

               The next day we went to BUCHAN CAVES. This is another natural wonder you should never want to miss when you are in Australia. This is an underground lime stone formation,  almost 400 million years old created by rivers cutting through the underground lime stones.
This picture shows the entrnace of the caves. My kids are antiously waiting for the tour guide to come and open the iron doors to the caves.

Swarup is inside the cave, the narrow walk ways are little bit scary, its almost dark there, on some places you will have to squeeze through to get the other side. The lime deposits are beautiful  and looks very sacred in the dim light.


    In total, the trip was very good, we did'nt had to compromise on our menu, as we had the kitchen in our resort, we managed to make our kind of food and made my in-laws happy.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Queensland Flood Crisis

      Hi guys ,
             By now you must have heard about the flood crisis in all over Australia. I remember two years before I have been telling about the bush fire in the summer in Australia. Now look how the weather has been changed  this year . Not only the topical Queensland almost all states is affected by flood. Even the bush fire prone Victoria( where we live) is affected .Any way we are lucky we don't have any problem in our place till now. The town called Toowoomba had an inland tsunami that raise with out enough warning. Almost 20 people are confirmed dead and a few more are missing still with no hope if survival. The scenes are all heart breaking, I am posting a video Of course from You tube just to show the power of water that came through.
            One thing I notice among these people are the courage to come out of all that crisis and getting back to the normal life are incredible compared to any other countries in my experience. In the video itself we can see its not the crystal clear water that is flowing through, and this water was up to the roof top of some houses. All their furnitures and all the possessions have been lost. many of them even have to rebuild their home, these are nothing compared to losing of loved ones.All these hardships are causing enough spirits in the people that they all are helping each other in cleaning and getting back to life . Many people are appearing to clean the houses of people they don't know. I truly appreciate the will power of Australians to stand out even in this worst crisis.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Some nature shots

Nothing more to say just the nature.........